A' Lord Kennel Puppy Contract & Guarantee

Darlene Zapp
Fairbury, Illinois 61739
(815)692-2899 or (815)692-3638

Breed:____________________________________ Sex:________
Color:_______________ Date of Birth:____________ Litter #______
Amount Paid $___________ Show-Breeding-Pet

Sire:_____________________________________ Reg #:_______________________
Type of registration:_________________

Dam:_______________________________________Reg. #:________________________
Type of Registration:______________

1)You the buy have 48 hour health check up by your own veterinarian as stated on the PS-5 form. From the Illinois Department of Agriculture Animal release statement. If something is found wrong, contact the Seller/breeder with in the hours listed on the PS-5 form IMMEDIATELY! If dog/puppy/bitch is returned you MUST have a statement from the veterinarian who examined the puppy Saying what is wrong with this dog/puppy/bitch, before a full refund is made.

2)If a family matter occurs during the hours listed on the PS-5 form, the seller/breeder will take th dog/puppy/bitch back! BUT you the buyer MAY NOT receive a full refund. Seller/breeder will evaluate the situation first. After the seller/breeder makes his/her decision, the decision is FINAL! (Example) If you pay $500 for the dog/bitch/puppy, we may decide to refund you $150 since there are no health problems with the dog/bitch/puppy. When purchasing a puppy is a long time commitment. A sudden impulses should be taken to thought seriously!

3)Buyer agree to contact Seller/breeder if he/she is unable to keep this dog/bitch/puppy for any reason at anytime. You MUST contact the seller/breeder first! Seller/breeder may take dog/bitch/puppy back, Depending on the situation. When returning a dog/bitch/puppy there is NO WAY a refund on dog/bitch/puppy! When returning the dog/bitch/puppy all paper work is to be returned and signed over to seller/breeder. All cost of a returned dog/bitch/puppy is at buyers expense. So if the dog/bitch/puppy was flown to you, and then the dog/bitch/puppy is to be brought back at buyers expense. If this dog/bitch/puppy should change ownership with out seller/breeder knowing, than all guarantees are voided.


If dog/bitch/puppy has an accidental injury or death caused by the buyers negligence or carelessness, or lost/stolen with in the the hours listed on the PS-5 form, from the time receiving this dog/bitch/puppy, than all health guarantees are voided. Also if the buyer's veterinarian determines that a problem does exist, conformation by seller/breeder's veterinarian is necessary. In case of a deferring opinions, the advise of a third veterinarian will be sought. This is at the buyer/owners expense! No refund will be made until agreement is made between veterinarians. Now if 2 out of 3 veterinarians agree there is NOT a problem with dog/bitch/puppy, no refund will be made. Buyer/seller can still return dog/bitch/puppy, or keep dog/bitch/puppy. Now if 2 out of the 3 veterinarians agree this a problem with dog/bitch/puppy, than a full refund will be made. dog/bitch/puppy MUST be returned at buyer/owners expense. Seller/breeder is not responsible for cost of Veterinarian cost spent for examination and test done on dog/bitch/puppy. If the buyer refused to take dog/bitch/puppy to a second, third veterinarian for second, third evaluation, than only a third of the purchase price will be refunded.

Protective Clause

A)The buyer agrees to provide a humane, Healthy, environment for this dog/bitch/puppy.
B)The buyer agrees to keep seller/breeder informed as the condition and progress of this dog/bitch/puppy. Buyer MUST send pictures at 6 months and 1 year and 2 years of age.
C)The Buyer agree to name the puppy with A' Lord Prefix on the individual AKC-APRI-API-ACHC-CKC registration. Notice: Cocker only! If you purchased a Merle cocker, Merle needs to be in the name also!

D)Seller/breeder has all puppies checked by a veterinarian on a individual basis before being sold
E)Do not chain, crate, or confine dog/bitch/puppy for an excessive period of time other wise is abuse to dog/bitch/puppy.

F)Buyer agrees to keep dog/bitch/puppy on Nuvet Plus wafer for 2 full years. Order Nuvet plus before you come and pick up puppy. 1-800 474-7044 order # 34397

NOTICE: We do not guarantee against coccida, Giardia. This can be be brought on by stress, change of environment, Change of food, and or water.

Pet Quality

Pets must be spayed or neutered at the age of 6 months to 1 year of age. Seller/breeder MUST receive a statement from buyers veterinarian that states that this dog/bitch/puppy has been spayed or neutered. All pets are sold with or with out papers. All papers work will be Pet limited.

Breeding Quality

Breeding quality has minor faults or no faults to dog/bitch/puppy, and yet can be bred or shown. Breeding quality can only be bred to good to excellent quality dogs/bitches, this includes health, and temperament. If you plan on showing dog/bitch/puppy, seller/breeder can not guarantee this dog/bitch/puppy would receive a championship. NOTICE: If seller/breeder does not have the AKC papers at the time of sale, seller/breeder will mail AKC papers ASAP, once seller/breeder receives them from the American Kennel Club.

Show Quality

This puppy is pick of litter. Seller/breeder can not guarantee that is following dog/bitch/puppy can or will receive a championship . NOTICE: If seller/breeder does not have the AKC papers at the time of sale, seller/breeder will mail AKC papers ASAP, once seller/breeder receives them from the American Kennel Club.

NOTICE: Seller/breeder can not guarantee the size, Color of this dog/bitch/puppy

Guarantee of puppy

1)Veterinarian check up by your own veterinarian with in the hours listed on the PS-5 form.

2) 1 year congenital birth defects: If this dog/bitch/puppy should die from a birth defect or developed a birth defect with 1 year of purchase, and the buyer has to put dog/bitch/puppy down. Seller/breeder will replace dog/bitch/puppy, of the same value of the purchase price. This dog/bitch/puppy MUST be replaced with in 1 year of death of the dog/bitch/puppy. In order for seller/breeder to replace dog/bitch/puppy, Seller/breeder would need a veterinarian statement saying what type of birth defect that this dog/bitch/puppy has, and what caused dog/bitch/puppy death. This must be life threating birth defect. This does not apply to cherry eyes, retained testicle and so forth. Dog/bitch/puppy MUST be repaced with in 1 year of the congenital birth defect guarantee. If dog/bitch/puppy is not replaced buy than, than this guarantee is voided. NO Money refund!
3) 1 full year on health: If dog/bitch/puppy should die from the following:
D)Para influenza
E)Parvo Virus
F)Corona Virus
with in 1 year of purchase, if your dog/bitch/puppy should die from the following, We will replace your puppy. But your puppy MUST be current on all vaccinations! Seller/breeder would need a veterinarian statement saying that your dog/bitch/puppy was current on all vaccinations up to date after leaving seller/breeder, and which of the following that the puppy died from. Once Seller/breeder receives the following information from buyers veterinarian, than a replacement can be made of the same value of purchase price and on the next available litter of puppies. No money refund!

4)Seller/breeder can not guarantee the size of this dog/bitch/puppy, nor can the seller/breeder guarantee that the color Will stay the same into adult hood.

5) the buyer agrees to keep the dog/bitch/puppy on nuvet plus wafer for 2 years. If the buyer does not keep dog/bitch/puppy on Nuvet plus wafer for 2 years, than this guarantee is voided.

NOTICE: Nuvet Company sends out a monthly report to let me know who orders Nuvet. Once you stop using Nuvet Wafer you contract is voided. So Please keep your dog/bitch/puppy on Nuvet Plus. There are so many variety and quality of dog food available (and all canine Illness are NOT covered by vaccinations), we require that all A' Lord Kennel Dogs/bitches/puppies be kept on "NuVet Plus Canine". This Nutritional supplement is only available through breeder recommendation. You will be instructed concerning this when you take possession of your puppy. You will expected to have this on hand before you leave our Kennel. The order line phone # 1-800-474-7044 Our oder code is 34397. the order line hours are 8 A.M. to 6 P.M. Pacific time. Again! Nuvet labs sends us monthly reports on which endless A' Lord Kennel dogs/bitches/puppies are being supplied with Nuvet Plus.

6)If puppy is being shipped, we can not guarantee condition when the puppy arrives. (attitude,and health!)

If we no longer are breeding the following breed, than is contract and guarantee is voided.

Notice: Any Replacement of Puppy/dog/bitch, the transportation and the other cost is at buyer(s) expense.

Buyer here by release from responsibility A' Lord Kennels from any and all reliability's and or damages by default of said dog on this contract, has been purchased by the buyer(s). These damages and liability's include by are not limited to destruction of property and physical damages to any person or group of people.

For local customers only! If you are writing a check for purchase, than this check must be good. If any reason a bad check, or stop payment check is given to seller/breeder, you will be charged a $25 fee. If this fee is not Paid than this following amount will be turned over to our attorneys, buyer will be liable for all attorney fees and court cost.

To assist in the enforcement of this agreement and guarantee, the parties agree that all attorney fees and court fees shall be borne by the party in default.

We the undersigned have read and understand and agree to the terms of the agreement and guarantee.


City & Zip:____________________________________________
Phone & Cell #:_______________________________________________

NOTICE: If dog/bitch/puppy is being shipped, than copy and Pasted to your email and type in signature,and email it back to me.

NuVet Labs

Nuvet plus is all natural. This is good for dogs that have allergies. They also make Nujoint for those dogs that have sore joints, good for puppies and older dogs. Give this a try not just 1x, you have to keep you pet on this for a 3-4 months to see a difference. Some people see a difference right away, all depends on the dog and cat. Give it a try!
Call in orders to Nuvet Labs 1(800)474-7044
ORDER CODE # 34397

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