The beginning of A'Lord Miniature & Giant Schnauzer

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I have been breeding Miniature Schnauzer sinse 1986. My first miniature was TeddyBear Rexpen is a sparkle. How I got involved with the miniatures was with Nada Fehr Cagle. I was 12 years old and I had a collie I was training for 4-H. I was attending her dog obedience class. She owned a miniature Schnauzer called Nickels Ringo Star C.D. I was so impressed with him, his looks,and how he was trained. He was trained to pick up nickles, paper,and he would even answer the phone. I feel inlove with the miniature Schnauzer. He was such a beautiful dog, I wanted a miniature Schnauzer just like him. I waited for 3 years to get one of his puppies. My Dream came true in 1986, I got Teddy Bear Rexpen. I trained him to be just like his father. He would do anything I asked him too. After I got Teddy I bought Sahara Silver Rose, than after that I went Schnauzer Crazy. I showed my miniature in local show, 4-H,and then I got envolved with AKC dog shows. I showed Teddy and he received his titles. What I started to look for in my puppies was 1)Temperment 2)Health 3)conformation 4)Trainability 5)Color. When breeding these dogs ,I'm are always tring to improve my lines,and looking for something better to add to my lines. Once you find what you are looking for you are happy. Until I find something better Ilike to add to my lines. Im always looking to improve! I got involved with the Giant Schnauzer in 1989. I wanted a bigger Schnauzer,and I always admired the giants. They to me are just like having a miniature, but it is a bigger dog. They have a bigger attitude. The giant are very smart, just like the miniature.
Mariah 3 years old,She has puppies in her cart,and Cricket joining in the play

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