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Darlene Zapp

Fairbury, IL 61739-1041
United States


A' Lord Dog Grooming Times since 2007

I started grooming dogs when I was 15 year old. This is How it all began. I went with a friend of mine Nada Cagle, She was an dog obedience instructor. I attended her Dog obedience classes with my Collie Lucky when I was 12 years old. A few years passed I got to know Nada, and attended her classes once a week for 3 years. I loved to train dogs, so than Nada started teaching me to train dogs for other people. But one day, Nada asked me to go with her to groom a dog. Nada was the Dog Groomer in Fairbury in the 1970-1980's. She had Worked at EastSide Vet clinic owned by Dr. Flint at that time. But anyway, I went with her a couple of places, and watched her groom. From than on I knew this is what I wanted to do! So I knew, NO one would let me start using there dogs for a practice. So I went out an bought a Miniature Schnauzer, Teddy. I started grooming on him, boy did you he LOOK a sight! But the more I groomed & practiced, the more I was getting better. Nada showed me some touch ups,to make him look better. Then one day, I got a call from Carolyn Asper,She had 12 wonderful Toy poodles. Carolyn used too groom dogs for a part time thing,until she had gotten cancer,which she could no longer groom her poodles. I started grooming for Carolyn in 1986,she had taught me LOTS about grooming poodles. She was the best poodle groomer around, and very picky on how she wanted her dogs to look. She taught me the Town/Kennel clip,Dutch clip and so forth. Carolyn taught me a great deal in grooming poodles and some other breeds too. She was the best teacher around. I do miss Carolyn as she has pasted away, and so has Leroy her husband. I do miss them very much. I spent a lot of week ends at their place grooming their dogs. They were like a 2nd mom & dad to me. But I have to say ,I do miss those little poodles too! THANKS Carolyn for teaching me so much! I love you & Leroy a lot! Also Thanks Nada for advice you have given me & showing me some tips on grooming. Plus I want to thank you Dr.Jackson for letting me work at EastSide Veterinary Clinic for 8 1/2 years! You have taught me lots!!!! I have to say, I am a lot like Carolyn Asper, I'm picky! There is one more person I have to thank to, that is Pat Hunt. Even though she lives in Indiana, she has given me advice on how to groom certain breeds of dogs. Even though I have been grooming since I was 15 years old, I am still learning! Thanks to all the people who have helped me where I am today!

This is me with all Leroy and Carolyn Asper's Poodles, of Pontiac,IL.

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If you are new to an area, always ask questions and or ask for references. Most of the time a Veterinarian can tell you of a good pet groomer in your area.