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For faster information, please call! I do not always get on and check emails. Emails can take some time to return!

Darlene Zapp
Fairbury,Il 61739-1041,USA
Home, Grooming and Kennel and PDK Tree service phone

We will except calls from 8:30am to 9PM Central Standard time

TeddyBear Rexpen is a Sparkle C.D. (D.O.B- Nov 8,1986 to July 19,2002)

Click on the picture to see Teddy's Pedigree

And Darlene Alford Zapp 1989 Senior Picture

Teddy is sired by: Nicholes Ringo Star C.D. Dam: Grechen's Little Cricket

Watch for our up coming girls and boys

Our dogs are mostly black/Silver. Karwish Miniture Schnauzers are no longer breeding, an I bought some of her top quality schnauzers. Most of them Champion sired. They have nice stocky bodys, and lots of coat. VERY nice temperment! So watch for our up coming pictures of our girls N boys. Also watch for our up coming litters. Just to let you know I am a black/silver fan!

Our Girls that we have retired and put into pet homes.

Boys retired and put into pet homes.

We offer Stud service to approved females

We have puppies now! Available October23,2010

Puppies pictures on Facebook

Miniature & Giant Schnauzer puppies available

Come see our Miniature Schnauzer Prodigies

More Picture of Our Miniature Schnauzer and Family

A' Lord Pet Adoption

The Beginning of A'Lord Miniature & Giant Schnauzer

Miniature Schnauzer Guarantee

Fairbury Dog Obedience Training Classes

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A'Lord Pet Adoptions
AlPat's Miniature Schnauzer's

Fairbury Illinois
My Husband The FireMan

A'Lord Rottweiler's

A'Lord Grooming and boarding

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Come Meet the Giant Schnauzer's

We feed our dogs Sportmix

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Happy Tails Pet Hospital

Come and stop in at Happy Tails Pet Hospital, and meet Dr. L Buscher.
Dr. Buscher is a excellent veterinarian.
I worked with Dr. Buscher since 1986. I worked at Eastside Veterinary Clinic in Fairbury, IL as a dog groomer, where I meet Dr. Buscher.
Dr. Buscher gives her heart into her practice,and into the animals she treats.

Eastside Vet Clinic

Dr Jackson, Dr.Bane, Dr.Gette

Dogs and Puppies For Sale